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Whole Home Mesh Wi-Fi System

About this item

  • Wi-Fi Dead-zone Killer—Deco uses a system of units to achieve a whole-home Wi-Fi coverage, Eliminating weak signal areas once and for all

  • Seamless Experience—units work together to form a unified network with a single network name, so phones automatically connect to the fastest Deco as your moving, creating a real seamless Wi-Fi experience

  • 5,500 Sq. ft. Coverage—A Deco M5 (3 packs) delivers Wi-Fi to an area of up to 5,500 square feet (Lab. data). More Decos can be added to the network anytime to increase coverage. Up to 1267 Mbps high-speed—Deco M5 provides fast and stable connections with speeds of up to 1267 Mbps and works with the major internet service provider (ISP) and modem

  • Up to 100 devices—Deco can handle traffic from even the busiest of networks, providing lag-free connections for up to 100 devices. Easy Setup—With the Deco app, to walk you through every step, System Requirements - Android 4.4 or later, iOS 9.0 or later

  • Multifunctional—Deco M5 can serve as a router, access point or range extender. Wireless Standards : IEEE 802.11 ac/n/a 5 GHz, IEEE 802.11 b/g/n 2.4 GHz

  • Parental Controls—It limits online time and blocks inappropriate websites according to unique profiles created for each family member

  • App Control——Multi usages including seeing the connected devices, prioritizing certain devices, setting up a guest network and etc

  • Alexa compatible—Pair with Alexa to control Deco M5 with simple voice commands

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