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We've added: Miniature IOT supply using VIPer22A IC

Small Size IOT Power Supply, 12v & 5V Dual Output SMPS 500mA

This beautiful and small IOT supply is powered by the mighty DIP IC VIPer22A from ST Micro. It has an inbuilt Mosfet with a rating of 730V and can handle up to 20W. With an optocoupler and a shunt regulator to monitor the output voltage we can achieve 12V, 500mA well regulated output power. A 5V output is derived from the same transformer and then regulated using an LDO regulator.

About this item

  • 12V & 5V with 500mA SMPS power supply

  • Light weight only 15Gram

  • Less bulky and very small power supply

  • High quality components and PCB

  • Common GND between 12v and 5V

  • Both Output regulated

  • 35 x 30 x 20 mm size

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