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We've added: DC-DC Step-up Module

  • Low ultra-wide input voltage 3 v ~ 32 v, the best is 5 ~ 32 v working voltage range

  • Low ultra-wide output voltage 5 v ~ 35 v

  • Built-in 4A efficient Mosfet switch tube, make efficiency up to 94 percent

  • High switching frequency, 400 KHZ, can use the small capacity of the filter capacitor can achieve very good effect, ripple smaller and smaller

  • Operating Temperature: -40 ~+85 degrees C

There are so many times you want to step up your IOT supply voltage from 3.3V or 5V or even 12V Dc to a higher voltage like 24V or 30V DC. here is an easy and elegant module to make your life easier and move ahead fast with your project. Based on the XL6009 400kHx 4A

60V switching DC-DC converter with a very stable operation over a wide range of supply and output voltages. A convenient multi turn screw adjustable potentiometer is available to set the output voltage precisely. Pictures, schematic, size and datasheet are appended below.

Download PDF • 4.12MB

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