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India Tablet rankings 2021

Updated: May 2, 2021

Riding on the surge in demand for tablets created by the extended work-from-home conditions in India, Apple dethroned Samsung to grab the second spot in the Indian tablet market. The company grabbed 29% of the market share in the first quarter of 2021.

According to a report by CMR Research, Samsung, which held the second spot in the Indian tablet market in the past quarter, on the other hand, was displaced to the third spot. IANS reports that Apple iPads witnessed an exceptional 140% year-on-year growth in the January-March quarter of the year. During the same period, iPad 9 captured 17% of the market share, while iPad Air 2020 captured 9% of the market share in India.

The research organisation estimates that Apple’s growth was driven by several factors, which includes work-from-home trend, aspirational appeal among consumers and its performance in the ed-tech sector.

Lenovo continued to lead the market in the first quarter of the year as well. This is primarily due to the fact that the company continues to offer low-budget tablets in the market, which makes them appealing and accessible to the masses.

As per a separate report by the research organisation, Lenovo led the Indian tablet market in the year 2020 capturing 39% of the market share. Samsung stood second with a 30% market share, while Apple stood third with a 17% market share in 2020.

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