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Home Automation and Smart Plugs

Updated: Nov 9, 2021

Looking for a way to automate and modernise your home? You have a range of products to choose from. Let us consider Smart Plugs today.

Smart plugs help you transform your home into a connected one. The smart plugs come integrated with voice assistants. They can be operated via their respective mobile apps. A smart plug is a good option to stay connected with your devices.

If you are looking to make your home a connected one, here are some smart plugs you can consider. Most have the following good features:

Material: Polycarbonate, , Color: White

Item Dimension: 5.5mm x 5.5mm x 5.5mm

Smart Plug – Suitable for small appliances like Television sets, electric kettle, table fans, set top box, air purifiers etc. Power Source - Direct Line-in

Wireless Control – Control electrical devices from anywhere with the Wipro Smart app on your smartphone.

Monitor energy consumption of your device

Voice Control – Voice Control device connected with Smart Plug via Alexa & Google Assistant

Set Schedules – Schedule your devices to turn on and off at set times throughout the day


Wipro 10A smart plug with Energy monitoring- Suitable for small appliances like TVs, Electric Kettle, Mobile and Laptop Chargers (Works with Alexa and Google Assistant) (DSP1100)

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